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Martha Villalba Matamoros, new Americas-based Mining Consultant joins Whittle Consulting

Martha Villalba Matamoros, new Americas-based Mining Consultant joins Whittle Consulting

Martha Villalba Matamoros, new Americas-based Mining Consultant joins Whittle Consulting


Integrated Strategic Mine Planning is rapidly becoming a key method for solving many issues faced by a mining operation, particularly a complex operation. As a result, Whittle Consulting is expanding their consulting team with specific, high level, specialists with the vast experience needed to achieve great results.

Whittle Consulting are pleased to announce the appointment of a new mining consultant, Martha Villalba Matamoros

Based in Montreal, Canada, Martha has worked in mining operations, consulting and academia for almost 2 decades. She is experienced in strategic mine planning optimisation, geostatistics, resource and reserve estimation and simulation, mining process reconciliation, haulage system optimisation and mine CAPEX/OPEX estimation.

Whilst studying for a PhD and Masters in mining engineering at McGill University, Martha developed a deep understanding of the formulation of mine optimisation algorithms. While studying for a MSc in Mining Engineering at University of Alberta. Martha mastered her knowledge of geostatistical techniques.

In her previous role as a Senior Mine Engineer for DRA Global Limited, Martha undertook strategic mine planning based on optimisation algorithms in multiple iron deposits and hauling systems. She conducted mine optimisations into mine production schedule evaluation in iron deposits in the USA, due diligence on feasibility studies of iron deposits in Canada and optimisation technical assistance in gold deposits of Serbia and Senegal.

As a consultant for Whittle Consulting, Martha will conduct mine optimisation projects, provide in-house mine planning technical advice, consultant support and life-of-mine design/scheduling work for clients of both open pit and underground mining projects and operations in the Americas.

Martha has published 5 peer-reviewed research papers relating to mine planning optimisation for open pit and underground mine operations. Trilingual, Martha is fluent in Spanish, English and French.

Martha’s expertise is a valuable addition to the expanding Whittle Consulting team. Her appointment is due to the growing understanding, within the international mining industry, that the Whittle Integrated Strategic Mine Planning approach is the best, (or only), way to enhance mine valuation and to unlock the opportunities inherent within mining businesses. We warmly welcome Martha to the Whittle Consulting team.

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