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Learn how to improve mine valuation – Online Mining Seminar

Learn how to improve mine valuation – Online Mining Seminar

Learn how to improve mine valuation – Online Mining Seminar

Registration for the final series of the Whittle Integrated Strategic Mine Planning seminars for 2021 is now open.

How to improve mine valuation?

Our online seminar is delivered over 4 consecutive half days (4 hours per day) in a live and interactive format by Gerald Whittle, CEO of Whittle Consulting. Gerald provides a detailed explanation of how Whittle Integrated Strategic Mine Planning helps mining businesses worldwide to significantly improve the economics and mine valuations of their projects and operations. Counterintuitive mining concepts such as Theory or Constraints and Activity Based Costing forms the foundation of the seminar, along with an explanation of how Whittle proprietary software, Prober-E, optimises both open pit mines and underground mines across all commodities.

Mining seminar registration

Registration for the following dates and time zones is now open:

Who attends our mining seminars?

In 2021, 500+ delegates have already attended our mining seminar. This year our delegates have included mining professionals from Brazil, Canada, Peru, Mali, Colombia, USA, Ghana, South Africa, Indonesia, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Kazakhstan, Australia and the Philippines. They have joined over 5,000 other mining professionals who have attended the Whittle Integrated Strategic Mine Planning seminar since it began in 2009.

What do delegates say about their seminar experience?

In our February/March 2021 seminar series, 100% of delegates commented that they would recommend the Whittle Integrated Strategic Mine Planning seminar to a colleague. Here is a sample of what they said:

“Challenged the textbook ways of thinking. Provided me with new knowledge on how to generate value in mine planning and modelling. Theory of Constraints was interesting.”

“A series of epiphanies, where are seemingly obvious when explained clearly, but not obvious when the industry is entrenched in a standardised way of thinking.”

“Very concise, straightforward and clear principles which can add a lot of value to a mining project. Also, didn’t claim to be a silver bullet but a tool to improve the understanding (and as a result the financials) of mining projects.”

“It was enlightening to see mining presented as a business and the use of examples to show how existing paradigms need to be changed.”

“Very good, great content, good stories to make the point. More mining people should understand what the game is actually all about. Well done Gerald!”

Watch a 2-minute video on the experience of our previous participants

Who are Whittle Consulting?

As one of the world’s leading mining consultants, Whittle Consulting have over 20 years of experience in mine planning and mine optimisation. Feasibility studies and mine enterprise optimisations conducted by Whittle Consulting have repeatedly proven that Whittle Integrated Strategic Mine Planning improves mine valuations and the economics of mining projects or operations from 5%-35%, and in many cases substantially more. These results are achieved even after conventional mining optimisation techniques have already been applied.

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