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The Whittle Story – A Live Book

The Whittle Story – A Live Book

The Whittle Story – A Live Book

We warmly welcome you to the Whittle Story! The history of the Whittle Mining Optimisation Software is a uniquely Australian story of intellectual creativity, invention and a great deal of hard work. It is also a human story, which centres around one special individual, Jeff Whittle, his family and a growing number of talented individuals who have developed a new industry out of a wonderful idea. Written in the voices of the people who have participated, the “Live Book” is our attempt to record for posterity this special story.


1. Introduction

2. The Background Story

3. Jeff Whittle’s Order of Australia (AO)

4. Whittle Programming – the early days

5. Whittle Programming – the history of our software

6. Whittle Consulting – the story continues

7. Whittle Consulting – the history of our software

8. The theories & concepts that underpin us

9. Whittle Consulting – Service Offering

10. Stories from the coal-face

11. In Black & White

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